A well-balanced class. Vinyasa flow features some or all: breath awareness, warm-up, sun salutations, balancing, standing and seated poses, active or passive inversions, twists, savasana (rest) and meditation all offered with modifications. Vinyasa classes draw from many influences and yoga styles which makes for an interesting, inventive class each time. 


Step into the spirit of a traditional yoga sequence that methodically works through blockages in the body leaving you feeling refreshed, energized and at ease. Featuring the traditional Ashtanga invocation, warm-up sun salutations and led Primary Series of asana (in full or an abbreviated sequence). This sequence has the potential to be a sweaty 'power' practice and is conducive to noticeable progression and hands-on assists from your instructor if desired. Ashtanga is a commitment and a journey! 

Chair Yoga

Gentle, inventive movement class for seniors, beginners or those looking for stretches and exercises that can be done from a chair. The class coordinates breath and meditative movement. 

Gentle Yoga + Yoga Basics

A gentle, slower-paced Vinyasa practice with modifications and few sun salutations. Classes are different each time and draw from many styles of yoga. Must be able to get down to the mat. This is great way to cultivate your yoga practice and learn techniques. Beginners welcome.

Core + Vinyasa

Pilates-inspired reclined core session with repetitions balanced with integrative movement, sun salutations and rest. Core awareness brings ease to many movements, helps to identify efficiency in breath and builds a strong foundation for further practice.  

Yin + Restorative

Yin applies therapeutic compression to joints and ligamentous tissue with longer-held poses. Yin poses are beneficial because the skeletal system responds positively to gentle compression. Identify balanced joint space and healthier movement choices.

Renew the nervous system with Restorative Yoga. Relax, reduce anxiety and/or depression plus calibrate the intricacies of the body with fully-supported (with the use of props) restful poses. Great companion to your active practice. Soft lighting, candles and aroma may be used to enhance this session.