Tracy Matthias RYT

Instructor Bio

Tracy Matthias RYT is a long time practitioner of yoga, beginning a formal practice in 2001. Tracy completed her teacher training with Jenny Tumas at Marigold Yoga and has over 1500 teaching hours. Tracy has taken additional workshops with Jenny Tumas, David Swenson, PJ Heffernan, Jules Mitchell and Zoe Mai and enjoys checking out regional Ashtanga studios and classes. Tracy is registered with the Yoga Alliance; which sets standards for high quality instruction and community enrichment through yoga.

Tracy is the owner and primary instructor at Lotus Root Yoga llc. Tracy opened the studio in 2016, continuing a progressive tradition of bringing mindfulness and self care to Ripon, Wisconsin that began with the former Marigold Yoga studio.

Tracy enjoys teaching and practicing Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Yin, Restorative and Gentle Yoga.  Her methodical approach to breath awareness and sequences will leave you feeling refreshed, euphoric and with newfound strength and flexibility. Tracy embraces the wisdom of the Ashtanga sequence - offering custom instruction, variations and hands-on assists if desired. Tracy also incorporates Ayurvedic considerations into her sessions.  

Tracy enjoys being an artist of life and a student of nature. 

"I am passionate about sustainable living, yoga and seasonal food. I enjoy being able to help others discover their own health and wellness objectives by providing sincerity, respect and intelligent support for real and lasting change. I facilitate rituals of wellness based on traditional and contemporary techniques to encourage a meditative mental space, therapeutically oriented movement options, overall vitality, a reduction in daily stress and sustainable holistic health."

Tracy leads classes at Lotus Root Yoga as well as Vines & Rushes Winery, Ripon College, private lessons, corporate yoga and retreats.